Though EEF (not registered as a 501c3) runs tutoring projects on its own, it can also do so under the name of a 501c3 partner organization to which it subcontracts.

Thus, EEF will completely establish, then run, the tutoring project. This includes the assumption of liability for the project. But the “EEF” name will be invisible. Rather, only the 501(c)(3) partner’s name & logo will be displayed. Thus, to all onlookers (including students), the tutoring site will appear like a project of the 501(c)(3) partner’s.

In return, the 501(c)(3) partner would reimburse to OnCallTutor (the EEF founder's LLC) a large share of the donations to the      501(c)(3) partner that are inspired by the project. (On publicity RE the project, EEF would ask donors to forward to OnCallTutor the e-receipt for their project-inspired donation to the 501(c)(3) partner. EEF thus would document such donations.)

For a 501(c)(3) partner not known for its work in education, if the partner wishes, EEF could pair the partner's logo with the OnCallTutor logo:

501c3's logo + OnCallTutor.jpg


Similar pairing of the EEF logo with a well-reputed partner's logo, and the partner's resulting implicit approval of EEF, would help win over high school principals & college tutoring center directors, thereby opening doors where EEF hopes to launch its free tutoring projects. I doubt that a partner could find a better “bang for the buck” than this investment.


Dan's Rationale for NOT registering EEF as a 501(c)(3):                                                               

  • Most critical @ this early stage is flexibility. Dan needs to focus on developing EEF. He can afford neither the distraction nor the legal costs of red tape.

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