STEM Graduate students

Via an initial 1-to-1 in-person session with EEF's tutor-trainer, EEF vets high school and college students before recommended them to volunteer tutors.

EEF will thereby assess in-person tutoring as better for some students (while online tutoring will be recommended for other students). Such students will be matched with local volunteers trained in in-person tutoring.

As an expert in STEM, you will be matched with a local student. Depending on your preferences and student availability, the student you tutor could be:

  • an undergraduate at your college
  • a local high schooler

Thanks to a tutoring method based on the gritty student's problem-solving between sessions, during which only incorrectly-answered problems are reviewed (and concepts are reviewed in this context), this tutoring will require only a few hours per week of your time, though your student must invest much more time.

Of course, you will be trained in this method, though you probably informally used it in your own studies.