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GRIT = perseverance and passion for long term goals
— Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth, Education Researcher (

The Educationequity foundation (eEF) Mission

EEF provides excellent inexpensive (or free) STEM tutoring to motivated students who couldn't otherwise afford it. EEF thereby helps them academically leverage their grit so that they can succeed in their preparation for fields that require college STEM cores.



Building STEM bridges

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  • For free, EEF in-person tutors recent high school grads taking STEM online courses, providing weekly follow-up to the online lessons. This helps students over the STEM bridge so that they can “hit the ground running” in their STEM core courses in college.

  • For free, EEF trains peer-tutors of STEM @ public colleges. These peer-tutors are students of the college, which already pays them for their tutoring.

    • EEF then guides these peer-tutors in their free tutoring of fellow college students.

    • EEF will then guide these trained college peer-tutors in their free tutoring of high school students.

    • For their tutoring in high schools, EEF will pay these trained college peer-tutors at the market rate.


EEF’s Target Students

  • financially disadvantaged HighSchool/College students who

BOTH                                                                                                                                                                                                  hope to enter fields (especially health care) that require college STEM core courses

AND                                                                                                                                                                                                      don't have the educational background in STEM necessary to do well in the required STEM core courses


Skills & Experience of Trainer (EEF’s Founder/Director Dan Jetter)

  • developer of AP Physics Exam practice questions for a renowned international testing firm in Princeton

  • tutor of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Calculus, as well as SAT/ACT/MCAT Prep, to high school & college students (over 2400 hours experience)

    • Dan is thus familiar with students’ most frequent STEM prep deficits, and how to help students over them.

  • trainer of public college STEM peer-tutors (currently appointed at Hunter College)

  • STEM classroom teacher in urban public high schools (over 2500 hours experience)

    • Dan is thus familiar with the educational weaknesses - but also potential strengths - of disadvantaged kids.

  • Founder/Director of OnCallTutoring

  • Director of Hybrid Tutoring Development for Straube Foundation (an educational non-profit)

  • Master's Degrees in Science Teaching (Hunter College) and Public Health (Rutgers/UMDNJ)




More about the EducationEquity Foundation (EEF) Bridge, and the chasm it helps students cross over.

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